NeraTel is a premier solutions provider with the technological expertise to provide proven solutions, the commitment to offer excellent customer service and localisation of resources in each market it operates. We live in a world of instant communications - anytime and anywhere. Computers, telephones, cellular phones, Internet, Intranet, satellites, radio, ATM systems and more have shrunk the world we live in, creating a global village. Everything is linked and information is available at our fingertips - regardless of our location. Even as technology has redefined the concept of convenience, we continue to search for more effective communications tools - to bring us to a stage where communications is effortless.

Quality Policy
We are committed to providing consistent quality products and services, and achieving customer satisfaction through service excellence and continual improvement of our quality systems.

Nera Telecommunications Ltd plays an important role in realising people's communications needs.

A premier solutions provider, the company offers a comprehensive range of products and services from satellite communications, microwave radio transmission, to information technology, networking infrastructure and high-end electronics contract manufacturing. As a strategic partner of the global telecommunications company Nera ASA, NeraTel Ltd has established its network of clients and services in Southeast Asia since 1978. It serves the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan and Korea through its headquarters in Singapore. With communications technology opening gateways to increasing possibilities, NeraTel is ready to provide its clients with exciting solutions from the convergence of telecommunications, information technologies and broadcasting industries

NeraTel is aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and has been building a strong service culture. The company has a good understanding of its customers' business, competitive environment and business goals. Furthermore, it provides technical and service training to staff and empowers them with a comprehensive service facility, help desks, spare parts and tools to carry out their jobs professionally. Its clients' success is NeraTel' ultimate goal. Nera lives up to this by its ability to combine technology and human resources to deliver consistent quality services to meet customers; business objectives. It is determined to provide new solutions to meet customers special needs.

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