Analogue MATV/CATV and Digital TV

Our Business Focus
NeraTel Broadcasting Networks engages in the sales, installation, maintenance and servicing of Master Antenna TV Systems (MATV), Cable TV Systems (CATV) and Digital TV Networks and Systems for housing developers, government institutions, educational institutions, commercial enterprises, service providers and broadcasters.

Our Customers
We are a major player in the installation of MATV and CATV Systems for public housing units and private apartment units. Among Nera's broadcasting clients are HDB, StarHub Cable Vision, commercial properties, private housing estates, Mechanical & Electrical contractors and TVMobile.

Engineering Services
We provide engineering services such as site surveys, antenna and equipment installation, and performs RF signal path calculation and measurement. Nera broadcasting engineers are trained by reputable and qualified principals and are equipped with necessary test equipment and software programs to undertake such tasks.

Project Coordination
It is our pride to deliver in accordance with the customerís requirements. We monitor and where necessary, liaise with the manufacturers to meet delivery schedules. We also coordinate with customers for appropriate pre-shipment inspections and factory acceptance tests. We undertake all the local logistics for the customers, clearing the equipment from port to delivery at sites.

Installation Services
We normally outsource the installation works to qualified local companies but undertake all supervision works to ensure that the installations are in accordance with the customerís installation procedures and standards.

Testing and Commissioning
Once all the installations are completed, we conduct various tests to determine the performance of the equipment or the system are in accordance with the customerís requirements. A final acceptance test is performed together with the customer and the system is commissioned and handed over to the customer once it is verified to have met the customerís requirements. Testing and commissioning works are normally carried out by qualified factory trained local engineers or by testing and commissioning engineers from reliable and reputable principals. We strive to exceed customer expectations constantly and endeavour to provide the highest level of service standard to them.

Training And After-sales Technical Support
NeraTel offers both on-site and in-house training to all its customers. Trainings are conducted by qualified factory trained local engineers or by training instructors from reliable and reputable principals.

We also offer technical support and maintenance works, which include review of the MATV/CATV/DTV network and system for expansion.

Watch TV on Buses or Cars

DvB-T Mobile Receiver/Set Top Box

We have developed and produced the worldís first digital mobile TV hardware and its DC-DC power source for moving vehicles such as buses, cars and ferries. The mobile TV will enable commuters to receive updated information while on the move.

Get the latest news, financial, traffic, weather, mission critical information and catch your favourite entertainment shows wherever you are, stationary or on the move, by Nera DVB-T Mobile Receiver

There are more than 3 million people accessing to TV programs with the latest updated news, stock market report while on the move daily in Singapore. Compact, rugged Nera DVB-T Mobile Receiver can be installed almost anyway in the vehicle or ferries thanks to the remote sensor cable that comes in standards. Installation is easy with the supplied mounting brackets and compliments with a little glass-mount antenna sitting on the windscreen.

Video Software Management Solutions
NeraTel Broadcasting Networks is also involved in the sales, installation and maintenance of digital video software management systems to address the digital video market including streaming, acquisition, storage and viewing of high quality digital video over IP network. Customers for such services are educational institutions, corporations, professional training centers and government agencies.

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