Network Solutions

In partnership with leading principals, NeraTel provides networking solutions based on advanced data transfer technologies such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Gigabit Ethernet, SNA/LAN to WAN solutions, IP based networks, frame relay, financial transaction networks, etc. Our customers include IT and Telecommunications service providers, network operators, government organisations, enterprise, banking and financial institutions.
Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks' comprehensive product portfolio of hardware, software and interface cards transforms your business, enabling you to layer new value added services on a single physical network and gain a significant competitive advantage. Used in critical applications, such as core, edge, mobile, and cable networks by the world's largest service providers, Juniper's high performance, reliable network solutions (routing platforms) can scale to meet the service providers most challenging requirements.

Extreme Networks
Extreme Networks provides the most effective infrastructure for deploying applications and services through:

- Increased Performance by dramatically increasing the performance of networked applications,
- Simplicity by dramatically reducing the complexity of deployment, maintenance and training associated with using switched IP networks,
- Lower Cost of Network Ownership by building a more valuable network that provides superior services at lower cost.

The Extreme solution includes Summit fixed configuration switches, module Alpine chassis switches, module BlackDiamond core switches and the Extreme Infrastructure and Services Management (ISM) software family, each sharing the same hardware, software and management architecture for end-to-end network-wide simplicity.

Marconi provides a complete line of multi-service switch routers that support ATM/IP/MPLS protocols and scale from 2.5 Gbps to 480 Gbps. Based on field-proven ForeThought® software, this family of switch routers provides a reliable solution for the enterprise WAN with seamless integration to the carrier network where Marconi's switch routers provide core to service delivery edge infrastructure. Since they are truly multiservice, Marconi's multiservice switch routing family provides the flexibility to add new services when business needs dictate.

Alcatel delivers IP Networking technology that is self-healing, standards based, and capable of continuous operation delivering long-term value without a cost premium. Proven, highly awarded, standards-based IP Telephony technology has set the standard for intelligent networking by providing consistent features, applications, and resources to users regardless of location or media type.

Network Security Solutions

With NeraTel's vast experience in providing security design, integration and deployments, we are able to provide our customers best of the breed solutions to deal with the ever- increasing challenges of securing their networks and applications. We understands our customers concerns, therefore we are able to provide a secure, reliable and cost effective solutions in the area of Firewall , Virtual Private Network (VPN), Antivirus and Host Security Module solutions. Nera's clients include government organisations, educational institutions, large multinational corporations, banking and financial institutions.

Firewall Solution
NeraTel partners NetScreen Technologies Inc., a leading developer of integrated network security solutions that offer the security, performance and total cost of ownership required by enterprises and carriers. NetScreen's innovative solutions provide key security technologies, such as virtual private network, denial of service protection, firewall and intrusion prevention, in a line of easy-to-manage security appliances and systems.

Antivirus Solution
In the area of Antivirus, NeraTel parnters Trend Micro, a global leader in antivirus and content security software and services. Our solutions protect the flow of information on PCs, file servers and at the Internet gateway, providing a complete, centrally-controlled VirusWall for enterprise networks. Trend Micro has a solid reputation for transforming great ideas into cutting-edge technology.

Host Security Module Solutions
Eracom is an international manufacturer and supplier of no-compromise crypto-based IT security products for over 20 years. The products offered by Eracom range from pure software products to combined products based on software running on dedicated cryptographic hardware. As a pioneer in the IT security industry, Eracom provides world wide IT security solutions to a diverse mix of markets including banking, finance, government, defense, stock market and media. Eracom has become a leader in design, development and manufacturing of cryptographic applications and IT security hardware and software products in the area of automatic teller machines, electronic funds transfer, point of sales, electronic and mobile commerce and public key infrastructure.

Free Space Optical (FSO)

NeraTel is an authorized FlightPartner of LightPointe Communications Inc, who designs and manufactures carrier-class optical transmission equipment using free-space optical technology that delivers high-speed communications solutions to service providers faster and more cost-effectively than traditional fiber-optic cable. To date, more than 1400 systems have been deployed successfully in more than 30 countries worldwide. LightPointe's FlightTransport Solutions provide the broadest options for Carrier and Enterprise network connectivity up to 2.5 Gigabits per second. We provide an array of products to address your price points and desired performance requirements. LightPointe’s FSO solutions combine three essential elements that meet the needs of both Enterprise and Carrier customers.

LightPointe’s FlightTransport™ FSO products deliver optical connectivity faster and more cost-effectively than traditional fiber-optic cable. LightPointe offers five transport families – FlightLite, FlightSpectrum, FlightStrata, FlightStream and FlightApex – all with features and performance to meet a variety of customer needs. - Bandwidth from 1.5 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps
- Distances up to 4000 meters
- Indoor and outdoor mounting options
- Protocol transparent – SONET, IP, Ethernet, GigE, ATM, FDDI and more

An SNMP-based network and element management interface between FSO link heads and customer back office:
- Comprehensive network monitoring support
- Compatibility with existing network management packages
- Out-of-band network support
- User-friendly graphical interfaces
- Remote, decentralized management capabilities

(LightPointe proprietary, internal-use only software program)
A critical element of FSO network deployment, this atmospheric toolset calculates network availability, enabling deployment simplicity and appropriate customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
- Localized deployment analysis
- Link availability analysis

Internet Appliances

The Internet Appliances business unit ensures ease of mind to clients, by deploying our arrays of Intelligence Traffic managing solutions from Radware, BlueCoat, and Packeteer. The Intelligence Traffic Management (ITM) services encompass areas of Data Communication, Acceleration of Internet Access, Internet Applications Load Balancing, Port 80 Security Gateway, Bandwidth Management, Site Redundancy, SSL Acceleration, Content Distribution Network, etc,.

The Intelligence Traffic managing services for Local Area Network (LAN) to Wide Area Network (WAN) employing Radware solution namely Web Server Director (WSD), Fireproof (FP), Cache Server Director (CSD), Certain T, PeerDirector and the award wining Linkproof (LP). The latest to join the Radware’s suite of solutions includes the newly developed “ASIII” architecture, the industry’s first 10 Gigabit Ethernet Layer 4-7 switch, incorporating a 3-tier processing architecture to deliver unrivaled switching throughputs. All Radware’s platform will be able to support the “SynApps” middle-ware, an Application Aware Architecture for comprehensive support of all mission critical operations across your network. “SynApps” comprise of Health monitoring, Load balancing, Bandwidth management, Real-time intrusion prevention and DoS Protection.

For Acceleration of Internet Access, solutions like BlueCoat accelerator” is deployed. Nera introduced BlueCoat “Security Gateway” Appliances to further complete it's suite of offerings. The company's SG family of security appliances include the award-winning SG800, the SG400 and the SG6000 Series. These appliances are based on a custom operating environment, SGOS, that incorporates Blue Coat's Policy Processing Engine™ - a patent-pending framework for applying security, access, filtering and performance policies for any Web transaction. Blue Coat Systems' Port 80 Security Appliances represent the latest in perimeter defense for securing and controlling Web-based content and applications.

Traffic management and compression are complementary technologies that can result in bandwidth efficiency and cost savings. Packeteer's PacketShaper is an application traffic management system that monitors, controls, and accelerates application performance over the WAN & Internet. Integrating transparently into your network, PacketShaper delivers Quality of Service (QoS) for mission-critical applications and extends network resources over the Wide Area Network (WAN) and Internet.

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