Wireless Broadband Access - the latest buzzword of this century, is set to transform the speed and capability of providing information to a myriad of communication services. NeraTel is a leading global solution provider of fixed broadband wireless access in this evolving and dynamic world of information technology. NeraTel has a wide range in radio-link and satellite communication for fixed broadband wireless access solutions. We are building on the synergy between the existing competence and products in Nera's traditional core areas and create a new portfolio of Interactive PMP and PTP Terminals and Base Stations, as well as Satellite Interactive Terminals and Gateways. Nera's product portfolio makes it possible to connect the user to the transport network with high capacity, cost-effective access solutions exactly matching their needs.


Nera's Wireless Broadband Access solutions provide the capacity, speed and reliability to support the Internet, digital TV and interactive services for operators, broadcasters, ISPs and telecommunication service providers. With our expertise in such a wide array of services, we believe we have a complete, one-stop, PMP solution for our clients. Our current products include

NetLink (IP Broadband WLL) - freq. In 2.4, 3.5, 5.8 Ghz
A High speed wireless PMP product supporting IP connectivity services of up to 3 Mbps per subscriber.

LMDS - LMDS (Local Multi Distribution Systems)
Product in the 26 Ghz & 40 Ghz range.

Nera NetLink
2.4, 3.5 and 5.7 GHz access radios.

Nera Netlink is a leading-edge broadband wireless access (BWA) product that allows carriers and service providers to offer their subscribers high-speed Internet and telephony access. Nera NetLink enables service providers to deliver wireless broadband services that go beyond simple Internet access, including VLANs (Virtual LANs), VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony. Employing packet-switching technology, Nera Netlink delivers "always on" connectivity with dynamic bandwidth on demand, making it ideal for bursty Internet traffic. Modular in design, Nera NetLink allows for a low initial investment that is scalable to grow based on market demand.

Nera MultiLink

Nera MultiLink is the ideal point to multi point broadband wireless access system for Carriers servicing small/medium enterprises (SMEs), SOHOs, Industrial, retails and residential subscribers. Operating in the standard ETSI 3.5, 10.5, 26 Ghz frequency bands, Nera MultiLink maximizes data throughput volume by providing a total cell capacity of 256Mbps at a 28 Mhz frequency allocation and more than 512Mbps at 56Mhz, using single polarization. Nera MultiLink solutions can be used for backhauling in cellular networks satisfy the increasing demand for capacity and increased density of base stations. Provided that more than 6-8 base stations can be covered from more than one site, PMP solutions are more cost effective compared to PtP or leased line solutions.

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